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Freight Car Links

Other sites of interest to friends of the Canadian Freight Car

Sources of Canadian freight car photos:

Selected Railway Photographs from the National Archives of Canada: Gay Lepkey's listing of freight car photos having PA numbers (and hence more easily available) from the NAC. Since Gay's pages are no longer in existence, this link should take you to the archived pages at www.archive.org

The C. Robert Craig Memorial Library: offers a number of freight car photos from the collections of Kenneth F. Chivers and Bob Craig (amongst others), along with an extensive collection of Canadian-related railway books, and also hold copies of most of the railroad/model railroad related magazines.

Ian McCord, a.k.a. "Mr. Freightcar", has photographed many cars over the years, and has photos for sale here.

Some web photo sites:

George Elwood's Fallen Flags website contains many photos from a number of eras.

Railcarphotos has a more modern emphasis and features high quality photos.


Canadian Branchline Miniatures: Not exactly a freight car site, but their books Steam at Allandale, To Stratford Under Steam and Steam Over Palmerston feature a great deal of information on 1950s CNR steam railroading — and I have more than a passing interest in these volumes, having been very involved in Ian's earlier efforts.

The Bytown Railway Society is one of the current publishers that I have done work for. There are no freight car volumes (yet), but they do appear in the backgrounds of many photos of Canadian Pacific to the East and various volumes in Canada's Electric Railway Heritage series that I have worked on.

Railfare*DC Books is another publisher that I have worked for. Although they haven't yet published a volume on freight cars, they do appear in the backgrounds of many of their efforts.

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